Wellington is one of the world leading suppliers of custom and standard energy saving motors and fans. All our motors and fans are electronically commutated (ECM).

  Electronically Commutated Refrigeration (ECR) Series of condenser and evaporator motors and fans for commercial refrigerators, beverage merchandisers and vending machines.




About Wellington

Wellington focuses on energy saving electronically commutated motors and fans for refrigerated display cases. All ECR motors use Wellington’s proprietary and patented designs, which have been refined and developed over the past 20 years to meet demanding service conditions worldwide.

Products are in service in 45 countries, and Wellington is proud to be trusted by leading global brands.

Wellington is a worldwide organization with offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and manufacturing facilities in East Asia. Wellington maintain a large, highly skilled engineering team specializing in electronically commutated motor (ECM) and application technology in its 1,340 m² (14,423 sq ft) Technology Support Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.

Wellington’s commitment to outstanding customer service means that experienced application engineers are available at each worldwide location to provide support to our customers.


 WELLINGTON Energy saving motors and fans.
 ECR Electronically Commutated Refrigeration (ECR) Series of condenser and evaporator motors and fans for commercial refrigerators, beverage merchandisers and vending machines.

May 17, 2012

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