Durable fractional horsepower motors are available in sizes ranging from 1/20th to five horsepower and include split-phase, permanent split capacitor, capacitor start, and polyphase models. Fractional horsepower motors are offered for a wide range of residential and commercial applications:


Century shaded pole, permanent split capacitor and split phase induction motors are used in residential and commercial furnace blowers. The 5 and 51/2 inch diameter motors are designed for direct-drive and belt-driven applications and come in a wide variety of mounting configurations.

Furnace and air conditioner fans: When quality, dependability, and innovative features count, count on Century fan motors. 42-frame and 48-frame permanent split capacitor motors come in a variety of enclosures and mounting configurations. They are designed to stand up to the challenges of weather, humidity, and corrosive chemicals. Universal Electric motors offer quality, functionality, and economy in blower and draft inducer applications.

Replacement motors: Century distributes a full line of quality replacement motors for HVAC applications. All replacement motors are designed to meet the original manufacturers' specifications for size and performance. 


Century serves the pool and spa industry with a comprehensive line of switch and "switchless" electric motors that are designed to stand up to the weather, dirt, and pool chemicals. Century motor combines our two-compartment design and a proven switch that provides years of reliable service. The Centurion line of two-pole 56 frame switchless pool motors bring dependability and economy to pool, spa, and jetted tub pumping applications. Our switchless design eliminated the majority of moving parts found in these motors, enhancing reliability. Neptune leisure water motors offer a unique 48 frame two compartment design with a tamper-proof switch and governor. Commander pool and spa motors meet European IEC standards. These quality motors are designed to the same specifications as the motors found in your equipment.


Domestic water systems. 48 frame, two-compartment jet pump motors run quietly and reliably in above-ground jet pumps. The end-mounted switch offers ease of access and added conveience in these applications. Extensive testing helps determine that our jet pump motors can stand up to the constant starting and stopping and intermittent running times. Century motors do the work in applications ranging from upright cellar drainers, immersible sump pumps, effluent and sewage pumps. Century offer spark-proof and explosion-proof pump motors for gasoline pumps and related applications.


Residential and commercial ventilation, Century offers a comprehensive line of fractional horsepower motors that provide the mechanical power to drive exhaust ventilators, attic exhaust fans, evaporative coolers, circulating fans, and industrial blowers. Ventilation motors range in size from 1/20th to 3 horsepower. General purpose fractional horsepower motors. 42 and 48 frame reversible rotation motors designed for residential or commercial garage door and gate openers. Capacitator-start 48-frame and 56-frame rigid base motors for industrial farm applications. 56-frame open drip-proof motors for air compressors. We also make a wide variety of specialty motors, including totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) and explosion-proof models.


May 17, 2012

Sliding and transition bases available

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