Farm Duty Motors

When it comes to motors for use in your farm applications, there is only one name you need to know,  U.S. MOTORS® brand motors are built to meet your performance, efficiency and longevity needs.

Nidec Motor Corporation is a global leader in the manufacture of vertical hollow shaft motors with its U.S. MOTORS HOLLOSHAFT® line. Motors are recognized for their longevity, reliability and ease of use. A variety of options are offered that allow for unique configurations tailored to your specific requirements, including a comprehensive range of enclosures designed to minimize the effects of adverse external conditions present in turbine, mix flow and propeller pump applications.

Nidec Motor Corporation also manufactures one of the broadest selections of farm duty motors in the industry within the U.S. MOTORS® line, for use in virtually any agricultural application. It is the dedication to the industry that keeps motors at the top of product quality and performance that will continue to keep your farm running for years to come.


May 17, 2012

Sliding and transition bases available

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